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tulsi soap

Best Tulsi soap in India for clean and clear skin

What are soaps? We all know what they are. All of us use soaps in our daily lives for our daily cleansing activities. Did you know that ancient people did not have soap and would not take bath daily with soap? It was many years later that the Sumerians of Mesopotamia first wrote the recipe of something called ‘soap slurry’ on a stone tablet. This recipe was used to clean priest, priestess and temple attendants before rituals. This very soap slurry was used to clean clothes.  Soap is required in our daily lives. Imagine living a life where you did not have any method to clean yourself. It is next to impossible. Tulsi soap is a good antibacterial soap which will remove all sort of impurities from the skin.

People would also use fullers earth to clean themselves in ancient times. They would even wash their hair with fuller’s earth. But now Men and women uses soap to clean their bodies. Soaps are easily available for anyone and everyone. What better soap than tulsi soap which can be both medicinal and ayurvedic in nature. Tulsi also known as Holy Basil. It is grown for both religious and therapeutic uses. It really is well known around the Indian Subcontinent like a medicinal plant as well as an herbal tea. Tulsi soap in india are recently gaining popularity due to their therapeutic benefits.

Tulsi is native around the world tropics as well as widespread like a grown plant as well as an escaped weed. It is a crucial symbol in lots of Hindu traditions. The nutritional as well as pharmacological qualities of the whole herb in its natural form has made it in demand among the soap making industry. Basil daily soap can be used in various skin disorders. Various skin disorders can be avoided together with the daily usage of tulsi soap. It is an effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which kills harmful microbes that can damage your skin and result in skin problems. It also controls flare up of skin inflammations like eczema as well as psoriasis, which help reducing itching and redness.

Grown and used for Ayurveda and folk medicine for centuries, tulsi (basil) has long been revered as a mind, body and spiritual purifier in India. Earning the title ‘elixir of life’ holy basil has a healing blend of medicinal and fragrant qualities. The anti-oxidant properties of tulsi works wonders for your skin. It even heals the skin. Tulsi herbal soap works effectively against acne. Because of its powerful antimicrobial properties, holy basil is packed with iron, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin K. Tulsi soap for pimples are used by many and have got amazing results as well.

Can tulsi be applied on face? Tulsi has several benefits and it can be applied on the face as well. you can wash your face with tulsi soap and not worry about any skin problems. Mostly tulsi soaps are found with other base like neem and aloe vera.

If you use tulsi soap you will reap the benefits of it as well. Just keep on using and reaping the benefits of this amazing herb.