JMD Medico Services Ltd, an Ayurvedic & Herbal products company has a diverse portfolio and family range of products for the entire family. Our wide range of Ayurvedic products in Health Care, Hair Care, Skin Care and General Body Care categories with remedies for a lot of Ailments and Diseases. JMD Medico has an in house research team and qualified Ayurvedic doctors who are constantly working at making the best product quality-wise, effective wise and also be affordable. We have our registered office in Mumbai with our branch offices in Kolkata, Assam and Jharkhand.

We are offering Retailers and Chemists to include our products in their stores. We are offering them an option to directly buy from us and we are passing all our margins to the Retailer, Distributors and Chemists. This will mean that our price to you is better than other Brands. Go ahead register on our site and get more margins and increase your PROFIT.

Why should you join JMD Medico’s business program?

The products

We take great pride in the products that we create. Each product has been formulated using best of the knowledge from ancient Indian texts and practices. We use only the best natural ingredients to provide customers with goods that will give them a better quality of life in the most healthy and organic manner.

Marketing support

You will always have a JMD Medico executive to help and guide at any point you require. You will also be given all marketing material such as standees, brochures, pamphlets and store banners.

Bonus rewards

Not only will you make a profit on the sales of JMD Medico products, but by becoming a retailer with us, you will also receive rewards and incentives on monthly performance.

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You Just Have to register with us by filling the form available on  When register with us, you will be assigned an experienced executive who will provide you with all the information you need about the products, the business model, troubleshooting, etc.

No, you do not require a drug license since none of our products contain any chemicals and are 100% Ayurvedic.

You can begin your journey with JMD Medico by making an initial investment of only INR 3000.

You can receive 30-50% profit margin depending on the order value.

Do not worry, you can return the products that are not performing well.

Do not worry, you can return the products that are nor performing well and exchange them for others. In case you would not like to continue to stock the products, we will take them back and give you a partial/full refund.

Extra 5% off on Prepaid Order