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5 Simple Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Daily Care

Cuts, scrapes, colds, and aches are commonplace occurrences in the life of a human being. Usually, one visits the doctor or just rummages around in the medicine box for the usual pain killers or antiseptics. However, there are times when a doctor may not be accessible or you may have run out of band-aid, or antacids. For those times, here are some homemade remedies you can whip up from ingredients present in your pantry.

In this article, we have covered the 5 most common ailments one can face during daily activities.


This is a common problem faced by many Indians due to spicy food but also due to irregular eating schedules, not getting enough sleep or simply overeating. Acidity can also be caused due to corrosion of the stomach lining.

A quick and natural solution to this is to eat a coin sized amount of Ajwain or Caraway/Thyme seeds with a pinch of salt. Another great way to instantly reduce acidity is to mix half a glass of water with half a glass of cold milk. And finally, if you have the time, make a smoothie of all the greens you can find in your fridge and have that, it should immediately calm your stomach.

Cuts and Scrapes

If you have kids in the house, then you probably see this on a regular basis. It is normal for people to hurt them themselves around the house, especially while working in this kitchen. But a cut is no cause for panic because it can very easily be healed right then and there.

A great way to immediately stop a cut or scrape from bleeding is to apply turmeric to it. It is antiseptic in nature, therefore reducing the spread of any infection. It also contains curcumin which boosts wound healing. Garlic is also a great option to heal deep cuts. Just apply a few cloves of crushed garlic to your wound. You can also use a mixture of turmeric, garlic and coconut oil and apply it as a salve to the wound. This will keep it moisturized and reduce itchiness.


Of course, these are remedies for small burns sustained in the kitchen or elsewhere. If the burn is severe, please visit a doctor immediately. Up to second degree burns and scalds can be taken care of at home easily. If you do experience a burn, the very first thing you must do is run the affected part under cool water and then clean it. If you do not like antiseptic liquids, you can use aloe vera gel.

For speedy healing, once the area has been cleaned, apply a paste of turmeric and honey. This provides instant relief from the burning sensation and acts a soothing balm on the skin. Both turmeric and honey act as antiseptics preventing any infection from spreading. Cover this up with a bandage.

Common Cold

As the weather changes, the body adjusts to the new temperature and the changes taking place in the environment. Sometimes, especially in the case of people who do not have a strong immune system, it is easy to catch a cold. While a common cold doesn’t do much harm, it can be a pain to deal with while it’s happening, and more so if it is accompanied by a cough.

Brew yourself a cup of tea. Sounds pretty run of the mill. But this cup of tea doesn’t contain the usual suspect ingredients. Clove, Tulsi leaves, ginger, and turmeric are brewed together in a saucepan and then strained to make this tea. These ingredients together will give an immunity booster shot to your body, helping it to cope with the sickness while also liquefying phlegm to improve cough symptoms.


There are several causes of headaches, stress and dehydration are a couple of them. According to Ayurveda, the best remedy for a headache is a nice relaxing massage. But a massage may not be accessible to everyone so we’ve listed the next best thing in case of a headache.

Chhoti Elaichi is a great way to reduce headaches. Drinking water or eating watermelon can also help especially in the case of headaches due to dehydration. Another great way to calm a headache is by drinking lukewarm water with a pinch of salt but make sure you use rock salt instead of regular table salt.