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Why Your Prostate Has Turned On You Like a Wounded Bear

You’ve had a great life, ups and downs, children, maybe marriage, love, and also grandchildren. You have seen wars, epidemics, the rise of technology, female’s lib, you’ve seen the great stuff, and the bad.

But the perspective of yours on life is not that cheery now. Due to the prostate gland growth of yours, you wet the pants of yours regularly, you take 15 minutes to head over to the bathroom, the sex life of yours is non existent and the medications that are decreasing the signs are making you feel depressed, give you heart palpitations, rashes, you have produced breasts and in addition have bad fluid retention. Looks like your prostate has left turned on you does not it? What did you need to do to the prostate of yours for it to make your life such a misery?

Well let’s wind the clock back a bit and find out what it what is happening below.

Firstly, the prostate gland development is not natural. It’s weird, it increases for size at several stages, not steadily as we physically acquire.

There are four stages in a man’s prostate growth;

– The original growth phase is accomplished before or even at the birth of yours, here the typical prostate weighs aproximatelly 1.5 grams.

– The next prostate gland growth phase happens early during the puberty of yours, when it improves to around eleven grams, (that’s the reason why you felt very weird!)

– The third prostate gland growth phase occurs throughout the mid-20s, saw palmetto side effects (bbjtoday.com) when the weight of the prostate gland of yours increases to roughly 18 grams.