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Top five Dental Health Kissability Tips for Valentine’s Day

The awkwardness, the insecurity…the anticipation!

We all remember our first kiss, prodentim complaints (click hyperlink) and the one thing is certain no matter how horrible or exciting it could possibly have been; we would still know if bad breath or halitosis was the kiss crushing culprit.

Many a first kiss was cut short by bad breath, or even if the other person had anything at all in their teeth…or if they faked feeling tooth pain in an impromptu effort to pay homage to the fave hockey film of theirs at the time while desperately trying to exhibit the supreme in self-assured coolness…

Whatever it is that has that lasting impression about our 1st kiss, we can laugh at it right now – good and bad. With it being Valentine’s Day, we though revealing some public dentistry health information could possibly help make for some much better kisses this nighttime.

Much better Kisses for All!

Let’s face it; if our dental health is more typical than optimal, nobody will need to kiss us.

Listed here are the top 5 steps we can take to a clean fresh smelling kiss today!

1. Do not smoke or dip, snuff, spit, chew, chaw…!

2. Layoff the coffee until you want to bring back memories of that high school teacher with the daily coffee breath!

3. Grab some sugar free gum or breath mints (partial to Altoids & Listerine Strips)

4. Pick another day to sample Mama Mia’s Constant Shrimp Scampi – no onions or even garlic!

5. Be prepared – including Keith Stone ~ Always!