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The problem of Pimples and the natural way of reducing the Pimples


Acne is perhaps the most common Chronic Skin Disease. It is the inflammation of the Sebaceous glands and hair follicles found on the face, neck, chest and shoulders. The Sebaceous Glands secrete Sebum which when blocked forms a pimple on the skin surface. These are small, red, pus-filled spots or zits. Breakouts range from mild and occasional to severe and ongoing.

The acne outbreak is experienced for various reasons like Hormonal Misbalance at Puberty, stress and anxiety, women get pimples around menstruation, Faulty eating habits, High amount of acidity in the body, Chronic Constipation, unhygienic living habits, excessive intake of tea and coffee, alcohol and tobacco, indigestion etc to name a few.

The Acne can be in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, small superficial cysts and scars. All of them are concerned with the sebaceous glands or the glands connected with hair follicles.

Treatment of Acne/ Pimples

  • One of the main cause of Acne is the presence of toxins in the body. Therefore one of the most important remedy is to detoxify one’s body with lot of fruits and fruit juices exclusively at least for a week. During this time one must not drink tea, coffee, aerated drinks, alcohol and all other food and drinks that hamper the body.
  • Once a fruit detox is done one must gradually adopt a well balanced diet. Emphasis should be on raw foods especially fruits and vegetables, sprouts, whole grains, dry fruits. All starched food, refined and fatty food, tea, coffee, sugars, pickles and processed food should be eliminated from eating habits.
  • Vitamin Therapy is very effective. To fight Acne one needs ample amount of Niacin, Vitamin A and E, Zinc.
  • The healing packs made from Grated Cucumber, Oatmeal cooked in Milk and cooked and creamed Carrots used externally have been found very effective
  • The home made orange peel could be applied regularly to remove pimples and acne
  • A teaspoonful of coriander juice mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder is another very effective home remedy to treat pimples
  • The raw potato juice is very effective in removing blemishes and scars on the skin
  • A hot Epsom salt bath twice a week can be very effective as well.
  • Do not prick pimples as it leads to scars and more pimples and cleanse your skin with mild soap and do not apply the soap very often