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skincare woes

The Holy Grail for all your skincare woes

A face wash is something that everyone does twice daily in their skincare regimen. People not even following a skincare regimen do wash their faces every day. It is something that we cannot live without. Thus, a face wash can be called the holy grail of our skincare.

The market is filled with uncountable face washes. Once you step out of the house into one of those shops you are sure to get your mind boggled with so many options. Anti-acne face washes are one of the kinds on people’s search list.

Sometimes best anti-acne face wash searched by people is actually not best. There are many such face washes in the market but only a few are effective. Researchers believe that one of the best face washes is those made with natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are not harsh on the skin and do not cause any side effects.

Many synthetic skin products do contain harsh chemicals that harm the skin. They can cause some serious side effects. If you suffer from dry skin, flaky, or redness after washing your face with a particular face wash, it is better to stop using that product. This means that the product is harmful to your skin, contains harsh chemicals.

Skin specialists suggest looking for natural ingredients while selecting for anti-acne face wash. One of the best ingredients would be tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It calms redness, swelling, and inflammation. It kills the bacteria that causes acne. It even prevents and removes acne marks, leaving you with smooth, clear, and even skin.

On top of using the best anti-acne face wash, you should also embrace the holistic approach in treating acne. Using face washes and creams only are not going to get rid of acne. Most people fail to get rid of them because they think that acne is natural. What they fail to understand is that acne might be a symptom of some underlying issues in the body.

Acne is a sign of bad health and you should start looking deeper into the problem. They can happen when one has a bad diet and lifestyle for years. Modern-day diets contain animal fats, high sugar, and chemicals. These foods cause toxins to build up in the body.

Our body is capable of getting rid of these toxins. Years of bad diet make it tough for the body to eliminate these toxins. The body then tries to remove the toxins through acne breakouts on the skin.

Replacing sugar-laden foods with vegetables, fruits and nuts can reduce your acne breakouts.

One simple solution to prevent acne is washing the face on a regular basis. Presence of acne can hamper a person’s confidence as well.

There are several things one can do for washing your face, starting the right product and good movement for cleansing skin. Certain questions arise in our mind when we think about acne prone skin. It is always better to get these questions answered.

Can we use bath soap to cleanse facial skin?

You can use bath soap or not to clean your face is a very common query. It can depend on two factors like the frequency of skin and your skin type. Body’s skin is different from your facial skin. Facial skin is softer and gentler than the body. These situations should be avoided.

Which is better- warm water or regular water?

You can wash your face with warm or cold water as you wish. The water should not be too hot. Warm water can dissolve the oil and make up from the skin. Hot water makes the skin dry.

Eat right, sleep right and live right. This should be the mantra of our lives. If we lead a stress free life and then we can get rid of many problems from our lives.