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Prostate Problems – Brachytherapy For Prostate Cancer

The principle of treating cancer with radiation is the fact that radiation is a disastrous impact on living cells. In this case, the radiation is employed for healing purposes only focus.

You will find two kinds of radiation treatment for prostate cancer: this outward light radiation and brachytherapy.

1 year agoTeletherapy


The most widespread type of light therapy for cancer, such as prostate cancer, is teletherapy. In order to irradiation of prostate tumor was targeted before treatment is carried through to identify the desired area using computed tomography (Magnetic resonance and ct) imaging (MRI). Currently, however, there are specific programs that enable you to create three dimensional “picture” of the tumor and direct rays of light straight to tumors.

Intensive modulated light treatment permits the physician to modulate, ie, change the intensity of the radiation measure to deliver the greatest amount of the tumor and minimize the dose of light which impacts the surrounding healthy tissue (the bladder and rectum). In many medical centers usually used proton radiation, that enables the physician to better modulate the effect of radiation, however, this sort of treatment hasn’t been completely understood and is under clinical trials. The advantage of this particular kind of radiotherapy is the fact that radiation is directed at the pathological focus, without affecting or perhaps minimally impacting the surrounding tissues as well as organs.

Irrespective of the type used distant light treatment, light exposure is carried out within five days a week, and the course of radiation therapy lasts seven – eight weeks. Usually, radiation therapy is conducted on an outpatient basis, that is, an individual comes to irradiation and then after it goes house.



Among the main advantages of remote radiation therapy treatment can be noted much better than prostatectomy, portability, reduced risk of developing complications such as Impotence and prostadine website Incontinence, in addition to the chance of hospital therapy.

What describes the success of brachytherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer?

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