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Prostate Infection Overview

The prostate gland is a gland present in the male reproductive system that aids in the transportation of semen. It lies near the rectum and bladder and wraps around the urethra (the tube that drains the bladder). Infections in the prostate gland is able to aggravate the gland and cause swelling. The swelling can create pressure on the urethra, which may result in other issues.

Types of InfectionsProstatitis is second name for infection in the prostate and shilajit yes it is able to happen in men 30 years old and older. Most generally, the age group which experiences prostatitis will be the age group between 30 and 50.Prostatitis is categorized as four different types of infections. These are:· Acute bacterial prostatitis· Chronic bacterial prostatitis· Chronic abacterial prostatitis· Prostatodynia (pain in the prostate gland)

Acute bacterial prostatitis and chronic bacterial prostatitis are caused by an infection at the prostate gland; however, no one understands precisely what causes the additional 2 problems.

StatisticsStudies have found that the incidence rate for prostatitis is between six and eight %. A Wisconsin survey reported 6 %, while a population based study estimated the incidence rate being at 8%.Half of all men experience prostatitis at least once in the lives of theirs. In the early 1990s, it was believed that there was two million doctors office visits per year as the result of prostatitis. It’s essentially the most commonly diagnosed prostate issue in men that are fifty years old or younger.

Infection CausesBacterial infections cause 5 % of prostatitis. Nobody understands what causes the other ninety five % of diagnosed prostatitis cases. Bacteria from a previous urethral infection can make its way to the prostate, leading to the infection. Infected urine can move in to the prostate tissue glands, causing an infection.

SymptomsAcute bacterial prostatitis is generally associated with infections that happen in the urinary tract; consequently symptoms include:· Increased urinary frequency· Pain during urination· Pain during ejaculation· Urgency to urinate· Difficulty in creating a normal stream of urine· Genital area painThe following common symptoms should not be ignored:· High fever· Chills· Fatigue· Generalized malaiseChronic bacterial prostatitis can provide the following symptoms:· Sexual dysfunction· Difficulty producing or urinating a normal stream of urine· Increased urgency for urination· Pain in the lower back, epididymis, testes, and penis· Muscle aches and joint pain· Low-grade fever· Stress or depression

Doctors commonly identify and treat prostate infections by having an outpatient procedure. Contact your physician immediately if you are experiencing:· Blood in the urine· Pain with ejaculation· Pain with urination· Pain in the genital area· Difficulty or pain starting urination· Difficulty or perhaps discomfort urinating

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms plus they’re accompanied by high fever and chills, head to the emergency room instantly.