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Winzymex Syrup - 200 ml

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We all live fast paced lives and in these lives we have forgotten to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. This ignorance can result in several chronic problems and one of these is indigestion. Bad sleeping patterns, eating at odd hours can take a serious toll on the stomach and intestines with organs not receiving enough time to process foods. Winzymex Syrup has been formulated at JMD Medico to aid with concerns related to the stomach, intestines and bowels. It helps to reduce bloating and flatulence caused due to constipation resulting from unhealthy lifestyles and stress.

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Benefits of Winzymex Syrup:

One of the primary ingredients of Winzymex is papaya which is a natural laxative and helps to clear the stomach as well as prevent further occurrence of constipation.

Everyone uses saunf as a mouth freshener but it fennel does so much more than that. It contains digestive enzymes that help in breaking down food more easily thus aiding in better digestion.

A common spice present in every Indian kitchen is Ajwain and is well known to fight gas and acidity. Winzymex combines the properties of ajwain and saunf with other ingredients to provide relief from stomach acids and gastric problems.

Winzymex syrup coats the inner layer of the stomach and can prevent burning and pain due to gastric problems.

Stomach infections like gastritis can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Winzymex prevents infections from affecting the stomach as well as intestines.

It is effective in controlling of cholesterol.

Winzymex syrups breaks down food so that minerals and nutrients get absorbed more easily into the body.


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