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Pilo-E-Colex Cream



PILO-E-COLEX treats Piles, which is a very common problem today. The ingredients of PILO-E-COLEX includes Haritaki, Sonth,Chitrakmool , Kuth and Pippali. This ayurvedic cream for Piles or Hemorrhoids  is very effective in managing Piles and all the problems that come with Piles and Constipation. PILO-E-COLEX cream is 100% herbal product .

  • Reduces pain and removes lump
  • Stops Rectal Bleeding
  • This product does not have any side effects
  • Accelerates Wound healing

Dosage : Apply Pilo E Colex Cream to the affected areas or as directed by the physician.

Indications: Effective in Healing and Management of Piles.


PILO-E-COLEX  cream from JMD Medico’s Ayurvedic store  is a 100 % Herbal cure for Piles. The ingredients of PILO-E-COLEX like Sonth, Kuth, Glycerine etc ensure less pain and easy passing of motions.

Composition: Each 100 gm contains:
Pippali( Piper longum ) 1%
Sonth( Zingiber officinale ) 1%
Kuth( Costus speciosus ) 1%
Pashanbhed( Bergenia ligulata ) 1%
Kaner( Nerium indicum ) 1%
Dantimool( Baliospermum montanum ) 1%
Vaividang( Embelia ribes ) 1%
Chitrakmool( Plumbago zeylanica ) 1%
Haritaki( Terminalia chebula ) 1%
Kasis Bhasm( Classical Preparation ) 1%
Sendha Namak( Sodii Chloridum ) 1%
Haridra( Curcuma longa ) 1%
Manahshila(Pure)( Red Arsenic ) 1%
Vasa( Adhatoda vasica ) 1%
Nagkesar( Mesua ferrea ) 1%
Base( Ginol- 1618 ) 4.20%
Base( E-Wax ) 4.70%
Glycerin( propane-1,2,3- triol) 5%
Base( Propylene Glycol ) 2%
Preservative( Methyl Paraben ) 0.20%
Preservative( Propyl Paraben ) 0.10%
DM water 68.80%

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