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FURACOL-C Cream contains Gulab Ark, Sandal Oil, Haldi extracts, Cucumber, Steric acid as the main ingredients. JMD Medico’s FURACOL-C Cream is enriched with all natural ingredients that promote healthy & glowing skin. It helps to reduce wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and dryness & dullness of skin.

  • Makes the skin Healthy
  • Nourishes the Skin
  • Removes Wrinkles, Acne and Dark Marks
  • Protects from Sun Burn and Tanning
  • Gives clear and younger looking skin
  • Eliminates dead cells, thereby rejuvenates skin
  • Protects the skin from Pollution

Dosage: As per requirement

Indications:  Wrinkles, Acne and Dark Spots, Sun Burn, Dryness and Dullness of skin and Signs of Ageing.


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FURACOL-C cream from JMD medico is a Herbal cream for the face. It’s main ingredients Gulab Ark, Sandal Oil, Haldi, Cumcumber  suits all skin types. JMD Medico’s enriched ingredients reduces blemishes, reduces pigmentation, makes the skin even tone and protects the skin from pollution and dryness and premature ageing.

Composition: Each 100gm contains:
Gulab Ark ( Rosa centifolia ) 1.80%
Sandal Oil ( Santalum album ) 0.015%
Haldi Ext. ( Carica papaya ) 1.785 %
Cucumber ( Cucumis sativus ) 0.50%
Steric acid 3.20%
GMS 2.50%
Ginol- 1618 4.20%
Bees-Wax 2%
E-Wax 4.70%
LLP 8%
MP 0.20%
PP 0.10%
Disodium EDTA 0.10%
Glycerin 5%
PG 2%
Tio 2 0.50%
DM water 63.40%

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60 gm


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