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Baby powder


Tanom Baby Powder is a dusting powder for your baby. This is gentle and safe powder specially formulated keeping the gentle skin of your baby in mind. Tanom Baby Powder does not contain talc and thus is 100% safe for your baby. Maize starch in this powder absorbs extra moisture and is anti-microbial. Organic and natural ingredients in this baby powder help baby’s skin retain moisture. It also reduces and prevents diaper rash.

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This powder does not contain any sulfate or paraben. It ensures that skin stays oil and sweat free leaving you with a happy baby. This powder is specially formulated keeping your baby’s soft and sensitive skin in mind. This dusting powder also ensures that your skin stays away from dryness and irritation.

👉🏼 100% paraben and sulfate free

👉🏼 GMP certified

👉🏼 Ayush approved

👉🏼 Reduces and prevents diaper rash

👉🏼 Made with organic and natural ingredients

Key Ingredients

Maize Starch: It has anti-inflammatory and high absorption properties. It helps and soothes diaper rash, prickly heat and other irritants.

Zinc Oxide: Zinc oxide has soothing properties and thus is used in this baby powder.

How to Use

Sprinkle baby powder over the affected area or as and when required by the baby.


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