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Baby Body Wash


Bathing time is the favorite time of the babies. Nothing grabs their attention when their bathtub filled with water is kept in front of them. As a parent, we want to be sure we are giving our baby the best care and products. Nothing rough should touch them. We have made Tanom Baby Body Wash with utmost love and concern for your little munchkins. It contains all-natural ingredients from nature. 100% herbal, its pH-balanced formula helps maintain the body’s pH as well.


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The No Tears formula of this Baby Body Wash is safe for babies. Their eyes do not burn and enjoy their bath time. The Indian Lotus extract in the Tanom Baby Body Wash uses the properties of the lotus flower. The self-cleaning properties of the lotus flower are adopted in this Body Wash. Your baby’s skin is cleansed without ripping the skin of its natural moisture. Almond seeds extract provides the baby’s skin with all necessary moisture. Tanom Baby Body Wash contains Glycerine. Glycerine moisturizes your baby’s skin and is gentle on the skin as well.

👉🏼 100% paraben and sulfate free

👉🏼 GMP certified

👉🏼 No tears formula

👉🏼 Ayush approved

👉🏼 Made with all natural ingredients

Key Ingredients:

Indian Lotus: The flavonoids present in the lotus flower help in cell regeneration. The antioxidant nature of this flower helps your munchkins skin.

Almond seeds: Linoleic acid present in almonds help prevent skin dryness. Being rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants they protect the cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. Zinc in almonds helps to maintain the integrity of a healthy skin.


How to use:

Take a decent amount of the body wash in a soft and wet cloth. Gently rub it on your baby’s wet body, into a lather. Rinse off with water and towel dry.