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Natural Ways to Improve Male Sexual Performance

Our Current Lifestyles has led to a lot of diseases and misbalance in our daily life.  Less activity and faulty eating habits and doing everything against the norms of nature makes the body suffer in some or the other ways. This suffering is not gender specific and worse of it all is that it starts way too early in our life and we take things for granted.

Impotency, Premature ejaculation and absence of Libido are some of the problems that males may face due to sedentary lifestyle.  There are plenty of allopathic medicines in the market that make great promises but they come with their own side effects. The following are very simple and easy ways of getting one’s sexual performance on track. As underperformance and lack of satisfaction can lead to low confidence, inferiority complex and many psychological issues.

  • Stay Active throughout the day. Do regular workouts, walking, meditate and keep your mind calm and stress free. A lot of anxiety gets created which does not help the cause and is one of the major reasons for sexual problems.
  • Cut down on Alcohol and stop smoking as it can lead to erectile dysfunction. Smoking and Alcohol can lead to high blood pressure and other heart diseases which can result in all male sexual problems
  • Heart Health is directly connected to the sexual health. Keep your heart health healthy by consuming healthy food, eating less fatty food, keep the cholesterol low, gorge on high fiber food like fruits, vegetables and multi-grains etc and also increase the intake of Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet
  • Food especially Onion, garlic, banana, chilies, pepper, Lady’s finger, Dried dates, Carrots, black raisins, are some aphrodisiac food that can help immensely
  • Keep Vitamin-B group sufficient in the body. B-1 vitamins sends signals to the nervous system quicker and is found in abundance in peanuts, kidney beans etc. so consume food with enough vitamin B group or take supplements to replenish these vitamins in the body
  • Ashvagandha is great herb for improving sexual Health. Ashvagandha is an aphrodisiac. Its extracts are used by men, which has the capability of stimulating the nitric oxide production in your body. As a result, blood vessels, which carry the blood to the genitals, are dilated, and one can get an increase in sexual desire.
  • Shatavari is an Aphrodisiac herb that helps in increasing sperm counts and fighting infertility. If a person takes this herb regularly he can notice enhanced sexual performance and reduced frustration levels
  • Kaunch is an excellent herb used to help during premature ejaculation. It helps to improve sexual performance by increasing libido in males, improve dysfunctions of erection, and reduce chance of impotency. This herb can improve sexual health by toning muscles of male organ and increasing stamina.
  • Talmakhana is excellent for improving the sperm quality. It boosts the blood flow to the genitals and increases sexual health
  • Shilajit is another great herb to treat male erectile dysfunction, quality of sperms, and aids increasing the sperm count for men.

The scheme of treatments above can go a long way to treat sexual problems and restore sexual vigor, but of course a lot also depends on the age and condition of the sufferer. Every effort should be made to improve the general health especially the nervous system and heart health as they directly affect the sexual health. Also one should keep himself up psychologically and not lose hope and be patient.