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Jagdish Purohit


Mr. Jagdish Purohit, 62, is the chairman of JMD Medico Service Ltd. It is a subsidiary company of JMD Ventures Ltd. Jagdish Purohit is a visionary with more than 35 years of experience in the business. As a Chairman he has been at the helm of the group, he has accelerated growth and enabled meritocracy. Mr. Purohit has been associated with this company from its inception and is responsible for taking care of the overall working of the company. He also plays a key role in all strategic decisions of the company and has been guiding the company with his exemplary knowledge base. A very grounded and humble person, Mr. Purohit holds a Bachelors’s Degree in Commerce and has also done LL.B from Kolkata. With his wide experience, Mr. Purohit has earned a reputation for inspiring people with his vision in various domains of business and administration.

“One who makes a resolution and then makes sincere efforts to realize his dreams, nothing stops him from realizing his goal. “- Rig Veda

The quote from Rig Veda resonates with the life of Mr. Jagdish Purohit. Throughout his career, Mr. Jagdish Purohit has witnessed many ups and downs. Circumstances have been tough, and the battle was long but not for once he lost his hope. He was able to take things in his stride and relentlessly worked towards his goal with great enthusiasm, positivity, and pro-activeness. He is an excellent guide, a person one can look up to as a leader, a prodigious advisor, and above all, a great human being. Mr. Purohit has a deep love for music and that lead him to create Bajaao.com – India’s largest direct online retailer for musical instruments and pro audio equipment.

Jagdish Purohit is passionate about start-ups and works towards building them brands. He has pioneered many start-ups like Pay Point India, Bajaao.com, Mindhours, Izofive, Nowkidding, Touchswachh, Aurigalogic, etc. His optimism and ideology have made him stand out from the rest. He has always believed in collaborating with others because for him teamwork and intelligence are what drives success. Mr. Purohit and his family have immense faith in the goodness of Ayurveda. Currently, he serves a pivotal role in the diversified business of Ayurveda, where he has imprinted his trademark of honesty, integrity, transparency, and quality. Under his leadership, JMD Medico deals with HACCP, ISO, OHSAS, WHO-GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices).

His determination, his leadership, and his compassion are qualities that make Mr. Jagdish Purohit a true visionary. In the years to come, his influence will be of paramount importance to the success of the company as he continues to build the dream that began his career.