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How to boost immunity in your child with Ayurveda?

Children are under continuous pressure to perform in each field they take part. Then there’s peer pressure as well. With the onset of this pandemic, it has become necessary to educate our kids. The need for increased immunity is now required.

Kids have an active life with studies, tuition, sports, and other activities. Hence, taking good care of their health is of utmost importance. Nutrition should be something that kids love and not hate.

Proper nutrition brings about increased immunity as well, which is a matter of concern these days. With covid-19 still in our lives, immunity-boosting supplements provide some sigh of relief.

Adults understand the grim situation and manage their dietary needs. Kids do not understand the situation. They do not fulfil their dietary needs and just munch on tasty snacks. Whether these snacks are healthy or not, it does not matter.

Their health goes down the pipeline. With fast food so easily available at your doorsteps, it has become tougher for parents.

Why are kids more likely to have weaker immunity?

This is a difficult time for kids too. As they are confined mostly to their homes. They are no longer exercising by playing or running around. Neither do they spend the time required under the sun or outdoors. Besides with nothing to entertain themselves they are looking towards gadgets.

Greater intake of fried and junk food has led to decreased immunity.

Ayurveda suggests

Ayurveda recommends a reduction of Kapha dominant food in a child’s diet. Eliminating food items such as sweets, dairy, junk food, and wheat can increase the immunity of the child.

Encourage the child to change their eating patterns. Eat more leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Consuming warm and freshly cooked food at home is recommended.

The use of spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger ignite the digestive fire.

Eating at fixed times and regular intervals should be encouraged. Foods that boost the immune system are generally pungent, astringent, and bitter in flavor.

Ask the kids to engage themselves in physical activities of any kind. They increase blood circulation, balances their energy levels, and also improve the flow of nutrients.

These physical activities or games boost the body’s detox mechanisms. Thus the body itself helps in the process of detoxification and makes the body stronger.

Sound sleep is yet another important factor. As parents, you have to limit screen time to 2 hours before going to bed. Sleep is an important aspect of a child’s health.