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Blood Purifier Syrup

Get Natural Glowing Skin with JMD Medico’s Walmixfort Blood Purifier Syrup

As soon as we think of a blood purifier, we also think about our organs liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system. These organs play a vital role in removing toxins from our bodies. Some of you might argue that if our organs are capable of detoxifying our system, why do we need these blood purifiers.

The environment we live in, the food we eat, the air we breathe everything is full of toxins. Those living in the cities and metros find it difficult to breathe fresh air. This toxic air doesn’t only affect our lungs and other organs. They have a negative impact on our skin as well.

Then again the food items that we eat are full of chemicals, and pesticides as well. These chemicals and pesticides have entered the food chain. While the organs are working round the clock to get rid of these toxins, blood purifiers provide them the necessary boost.

These toxins accumulate in the body. They then show their impact on the skin and the overall health of the body resulting in acne, pimples and other health issues.

Our focus here in this blog will be the skin. How do these toxins impact the skin and how do they affect us? What are the benefits of blood purifiers?

The impact of toxins on the skin

The impact of toxins on the skin

Toxins are present almost everywhere. When we step out of the house till the time, we enter we come across various elements in the environment. Often, we come across such elements in our workplace depending on our occupation. These toxins when entering the skin through the pores cause a lot of issues in the skin. Most common would-be pimples and acne.

Most of us are often worried about our skin’s appearance. Almost everyone wants blemish free glowing skin. How to achieve it? First and foremost one has to know the reason behind this acne and pimples. Many times there is some underlying health condition that the skin reveals through these symptoms.

In such situations, you should consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner who will conduct a check-up. They will also tell you about your doshas and your eating habits. Along with them, you might also need Ayurvedic Blood Purifiers.

When you incorporate the changes in your diet plan and combine them with JMD Medico’s blood purifier Walmixfort syrup you will find changes in your skin.

JMD Medico’s Walmixfort syrup is made with potent herbs. These herbs have numerous benefits when it comes to your skin’s health.

Let us have a look at the various herbs that are used the making of this blood purifier:


Giloy is an excellent antioxidant, keeps cells healthy, removes toxins, and purifies blood. It also fights bacteria and combats liver diseases, and urinary tract infections. Ayurveda believes in the Rakt shodhan properties of Giloy. These properties remove impurities from the blood, which helps in combatting many skin ailments like itching, dark circles, acne, and eczema.
Giloy is considered a natural remedy to purify the blood, fight germs and bacteria and help regulate flawless skin. The anti-aging properties of giloy help in combatting pimples, dark spots, and fine lines.


Tulsi Improves physical health. It contains detoxifying agents and antioxidants which help rejuvenate the skin and helps remove toxins, purifying the blood and making the blood alkaline. It results in preventing skin diseases. The antibacterial properties of tulsi are beneficial in reducing acne by preventing breakout. The topical application of tulsi provides a potent antioxidant ability.
Tulsi also reduces free radical production and combats oxidative stress. This results in less pigmentation. The anti-inflammatory action of this ‘sattvic’ herb reduces redness, swelling, and irritation, soothing flare-ups, and itchiness.


It is a powerful antioxidant. Its alkaloids and glycosides are very potent for improving health and blood purification. The topical application of Chirayta is also effective. Chirayta powder when mixed with honey and applied on the face reduces redness and inflammation and prevents infections due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Neem helps in purifying the blood and eliminating toxins that lead to acne, pimples, eczema, skin rashes and psoriasis. It has anti-aging properties and helps protect the skin from damage. Neem also controls the production of oil in the skin. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties may soothe irritated skin. Neem also helps in the treatment and prevention of acne. It lowers wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots and your skin looks toned and firm.

Senna extract:

Extract from senna plant added to Walmixfort SyrupWalmixfort syrup. It is good for both constipation and detoxification. It helps to control the symptoms of skin diseases like eczema including rough skin, blisters, inflammation, itching, and bleeding. Applying senna leaf paste on the skin reduces bleeding and stops bleeding because of its open property.

Pitta papda extract:

It is used to treat skin problems and is an excellent detoxifying agent as well. Pitta papda is a herb that balances all the three doshas i.e; Vata, Kapha, and Pitta thereby giving you a healthy life


It works as a blood purifier that works in many different functions of the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of punarnava make it beneficial for the skin.