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Dental Health: Brushing and Flossing CAUSES Gum Disease

6 months agoAll-natural Dental Health

6 years agoI would once believe that if I brushed my teeth a few of times 1 day vigorously, flossed occasionally and consumed a number of apples every week the tooth health of mine will be good. So why have I been subjected to the dentist’s tool a lot of times through the years?

Looking through the notes I made during my discussions with Dr Phillips’ I carry on and find gems of info that have to be conveyed to those of you who either have a gum quality or even would just like to stay away from actually having one.

If you would like to determine how flossing and brushing can CAUSE gum disease, visit YouTube and type in’ Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease’.

Taking note of this could help save a fortune in tooth bills… as well as unnecessary gum deterioration..

Imagine you’ve an area rug on top of a filthy floor. You sweep the floor onto the rug, and the grime records in the crevices around the tips of the rug. This illustrates just how plaque records in the crevices between the teeth as well as gums (the sulcus) out of regular tooth brushing.

There is not a lot of info available out there that gives people a choice regarding how to look after their mouths. There is brushing and flossing and a million different types of brushes and toothpastes and flosses with which to accomplish this, which brings everyone back to the fundamental brushing and flossing. Bearing in your thoughts that ninety % of all Americans experience some form of gum disease (kids too), and bad breath cure almost all men and women more than sixty have no teeth at many, is brushing and flossing the answer?