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India Herbs

8 Indian Herbs for Healthy Living

Herbs are medicinal plants which are used in treating and curing ailments. Use of herbs is the major essence of Ayurveda. Herbs have been known to work wonders in treating different medical conditions since the medieval times.

Here are some of the Indian herbs that promote a healthy living.

1. Tulsi

Tulsi (aka Holy Basil) is one of the prominent Indian herbs that possess numerous health-benefiting traits. The biggest perk of herbs is that it can be used for culinary purpose; mainly for seasoning and flavouring.
Likewise, Tulsi is the most favoured culinary herb in India. Tulsi has anti-toxic properties and boosts cognitive health. Tulsi also improved digestion and promotes bowel movements. Other health benefits of Tulsi include improved blood circulation, improved respiratory function, and improved skin health.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another herb which boosts health in different ways. In Ayurveda, Aloe Vera is known as kathalai and is used as a skin treatment. Aloe Vera also cures a number of maladies such as indigestion, loss of hunger, and acidity.

Aloe Vera has a wide usage in consumer products such as cosmetics, ointments, and skin lotions.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most important herbs used in Ayurveda to treat various diseases. The herb is very effective in treating allergies and is known for its wound-healing properties. It is believed in Ayurveda that the fumes of a burning turmeric can combat pain and toxicity.
Apart from medical usage, Turmeric is also a major flavouring agent in Indian dishes. It is that spice which gives Indian curries that iconic yellowish colour.

4. Neem

Neem (aka Margosa Tree) is an important Ayurvedic herb which works miraculously in keeping the skin free from pimples by flushing out toxins from the body. Neem has various usages when it comes to boosting health; the herb can be used both internally and externally.
Neem helps to cool down the body system and is a wonderful blood purifier. Neem is also a natural wound healer.

5. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is used in Ayurveda for revitalising the overall well-being. The herb provides multiple health benefits including restoring energy levels. Ashwagandha has also been known to delay the ageing process. In Ayurveda, the herb is also believed to boost mental health.

6. Garlic

Garlic has best uses both as a food flavouring and medicine. Garlic helps in renewing the damaged body tissues and promotes digestion. Other health benefits of Garlic include warding off throat infections, promoting eye health, and relieving swelling. Garlic is also known for boosting immunity.

7. Aamla

Aamla revitalises the entire body system and is, therefore, a major constituent of Ayurveda. As per Aamla’s natural properties, the herb helps in cooling down the body heat.

Aamla is very effective in treating burning sensation in the eyes. It also prevents immature greying of the hair.

8. Brahmi

Brahmi has a profound effect in boosting cognitive health and curing ailments related to the dysfunction of the brain. Brahmi is also an effective stress buster.