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7 Herbs To Spur Your Spiritual Growth

Everything in nature has been created for a purpose. Isn’t it quite amazing how plants and animals have evolved to completely co-exist in harmony with each other to provide balance to our ecosystem? Plants are some nature’s most magnificent offerings as they not only are a wonderful source of life for animals as well as humans but they are also instrumental in balancing our energies, bringing peace and harmony into our lives and homes, and even bring us prosperity.

Aside from adding flavour to our foods, many herbs have a ton of spiritual healing properties and in this article, we are going to look at some of these that can help align our energy centers so that we can be more in tune with ourselves, and evolve spiritually.


The more powerful your aura is, the more succinctly you can heal yourself and others. A strong aura makes you a strong person able to have clarity of thought and feel empowered in your personal life. Regularly consuming Calendula tea can heal your aura and protect your energies from being affected by external circumstances.


The Universe wants what’s best for you, however, often times this may not seem apparent because perhaps you’re trying to go against the flow or not allowing yourself to receive the help that you need. When you live life in this manner, you don’t attract the abundance you deserve into your life simply because you’re not vibrating at your natural frequency. Chamomile is great herb to help you calm down, let your guard down and allow your angels and the Universe to assist you in creating the abundance you desire.


Tea made from fennel seeds can enhance your abilities as a healer, and even help you hone your psychic powers. Fennel also reduces sugar cravings which makes you more energetic allowing you to get more tasks done, which in turn increases your sense of accomplishment. When you feel accomplished, you feel good and that raises your vibrations spurring on your spiritual growth.


Sometimes it is hard to let go of anger and resentment. Having ginger tea regularly can soothe the feelings of rage, jealousy and insecurity returning you to a place of balance and contentment. Ginger can also help you to feel less of a victim of your circumstances and become the hero of your life instead.


Unfortunately, many of us while growing up have been told that being sensitive is a weakness, when in fact, being sensitive is a great tool in understanding energies and knowing when it is time to move on. Being sensitive allows us to have more compassion towards others, in turn making it easy for us to forgive, and love everyone including ourselves. Drinking Hibiscus tea regularly can promote healthy relationships and even help you heal past wounds.


This is a legendary herb known for its properties to activate psychic visions and intuitive insights. Lavender is associated with the third eye chakra; breathing in the scent of lavender relaxes the mind and quiets the voice of the ego. When you are able to let go of your ego, you can hear the sound of your higher self more clearly guiding you in the right direction. This herb also helps you to accept your spiritual gifts.


Not many people are aware that Lemongrass has some very interesting uses other than serving as an addition to Asian delicacies or driving away pests. Having lemongrass tea can help you to get your work done! It wards off distractions and procrastination. Lemongrass brings clarity to the mind, allowing you to be sure of your purpose, and how you want to go about it. This herb sharpens your focus and even prevents people from interrupting you during important tasks.

In a world full of wonderful herbs, these are just 7 that can help you evolve as a person allowing you to have a full and happy life. There are plenty more which we will cover in future articles. You can even use hair and skincare products that contain these herbs to make your body feel as amazing outside as it does inside. Check out the full range of JMD Medico’s herbal skincare and supplements here: https://www.jmdmedico.com/product-category/all-products/