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6 Warning Signs you've Diabetes

6 Warning Signs you’ve Diabetes

When there’s something wrong with your body, it signals you. But, often these signals are so subtle that we tend to ignore them. Diabetes too has plenty of warning signals. It’s a disease affecting 422 million people all over the world (as of 2014).

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While you will get both allopathic and ayurvedic treatment options for diabetes, it’s better to learn the warning signals to prevent its onset. By now you must be wondering how to read the signals that your body give out. Here’re the secrets:

1. You are taking more loo-breaks

If you have diabetes, your body system cannot break down food into sugar. As a result, the sugar gets into your bloodstream. The body tries to get rid of that sugar by flushing it out with urine. If you find yourself taking frequent bathroom breaks than before, that’s a red flag. Are you a patient of diabetes seeking ayurvedic treatment? Check the ayurvedic products for diabetes offered by JMD Medico.

2. You feel thirsty often

Frequent urination will make you thirsty. So, if you feel thirsty more than usual, consider it as a red flag and seek treatment. Do not try to quench your thirst with fruit juice, soda, or other beverages. This will aggravate the problem. Seek Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes if you are looking for a natural and efficient manner to deal with the problem.

3. You feel unsteady when you are hungry

It’s very common for diabetic patients to feel shaky when they are hungry. When you have diabetes, your body cannot regulate sugar properly. If you eat something high on carbs, your body produces excess insulin to deal with it, and as a result, your glucose levels drop. This makes you feel unsteady and craves for sugar or carbs.

4. You have lost a significant amount of weight

Along with all these symptoms, you have lost a considerable amount of weight in the past few weeks. If that is so, it’s a warning that you might have diabetes. This happens because of the water you lose with excess urination and the unabsorbed calories that flush out with the sugar from your body.

5. You feel fatigued all the time

It’s true that you will get exhausted after a hectic day at work or physical activity. However, if you feel fatigued all day long for no reason, pay attention to it. This means your body isn’t breaking down the food that you are eating for energy and as such, your cells are not getting fuel.

6. Your vision is blurry

In early stages of diabetes, you eye lenses face difficulty in focusing on the object you are seeing. It’s because of the glucose build-up in the eye that changes the shape of your lenses, thus affecting your vision. Once your blood sugar levels are stabilised, your vision gets normal. So, pay attention when your vision seems blurred.

If you experience any of these warning signals, seek treatment immediately.